Ex-Obama Aide: Karzai Is Being 'reckless'

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Ex-Obama Aide: Karzai Is Being 'reckless'

Ex-Obama Aide: Karzai Is Being 'reckless'
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Ex-Obama Aide: Karzai Is Being 'reckless'

by Wochit 0:51 mins

Ex-Obama Aide: Karzai Is Being 'reckless'

by Wochit 0:51 mins

President Obama's former national security adviser says Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai needs to understand that the "zero option",no U.S. or allied troops left in his country after 2014,is very real.Tom Donilon,who left his national security post earlier this year, told ABC's This Week that Karzai is being "reckless" in refusing to sign a new security agreement.The proposal would allow the U.S.

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