Ethical fashion brand fights sweatshops in Argentina

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Ethical fashion brand fights sweatshops in Argentina

Ethical fashion brand fights sweatshops in Argentina
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Ethical fashion brand fights sweatshops in Argentina

by AFP Videos 2:30 mins

Ethical fashion brand fights sweatshops in Argentina

by AFP Videos 2:30 mins

SHOTLIST :Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23-28 August 2012, Source : AFPTV (Access all)SCRIPT:These sewing machines once belonged to an illegal sweatshop closed down by Argentine police – now, they belong to the workers who use them – they’ve organized themselves into a co-operative to improve their working conditions. SOUNDBITE 1 - Nestor Escudero, treasurer of La Alameda co-operative (Spanish, 22s)“We want the machines to be confiscated from the slave-drivers, the people who profited from exploiting others, we want them to compensate the victims with the profits that they made by trafficking people”( Nuestro reclamo para que se confisquen las maquinarias a los esclavistas es que de una manera los mismos que se beneficiaron explotando gente, traficando gente sean los que paguen con los bienes que han adquirido con este sistema de excplotacion, que paguen el resarcimiento que les corresponde a las victimas. )La Alameda is a NGO that fights textile sweatshops and tries to find better jobs for the workers – who are mostly Bolivians, like Olga, who was tricked into coming to Argentina with a false promise of a better life – and then forced to work 16 hours a day for just a few dollars. SOUNDBITE 2 – Olga Cruz, tailor, former trafficking victim (Spanish, 17s)« It’s awful working like that. You don’t know how much they’ll pay you at the end of the month, if they’ll pay you or not. If you quit, you have to keep asking for the wages they owe you, and they pay however much they like”(Es muy feo trabajar asi. No sabes cuanto te van a pagar si llega la fecha, si te lo van a pagar o no. Si vos te retiras, tenes que ir a tocar la puerta una y otra vez. Y si te pagan te pagan ellos la cantidad que ellos quieren ) La Alameda is trying to expose household name brands who use illegal sweatshops, using hidden cameras to collect evidence, and protesting outside their shops. They accuse over a hundred well-known brands, including Puma and Adidas. The authorities, they say, do nothing.SOUNDBITE 3 – Tamara Rosenberg, La Alameda director (Spanish, 20s)“This is part of a much bigger problem, organized crime linked to people trafficking and money laundering. And that touches the interests of the state, both nationally and here in Buenos Aires, so any attempt the police makes to close down these workshops annoys people in power”(Esta problematica forma parte de algo mayor que conforma lo que llamamos crimen organizado ligado al trafico de personas al trafico de autos y al lavado de dinero. Y esto toca intereses del Estado, tanto del estado nacional como del gobierno de Buenos Aires donde cualquier intento que haga la justicia por resolver estas situaciones chocan con el poder)To try win over shoppers, the co-operative has also launched its own clothing brand, no chains.SOUNDBITE 4, Fidel Daza, tailor and former trafficking victim (Spanish, 7s)“The only thing I want to say to people is that they must check if the everything they buy is really made in decent working conditions”(« Lo unico que yo puedo decir a la gente es que realmente que se de cuenta que cada cosa que compra que realmente esta hecho en buenas condiciones de trabajo ».)The charity says 80% of textile workshops in Buenos Aires are illegal – and 30 000 people are being exploited there.SHOTLIST-various of Nestor Escudero going in to the cooperative’s workshop-yarn on spindle-workers sewing-SOUNDBITE 1-various of co-operative members sewing-Olga sewing-SOUNDBITE 2-Wide shots of Olga and her colleagues working -Tamara working on T-shirt designs-SOUNDBITE 3-Olga piling up the co-operative’s own-brand T-shirts-SOUNDBITE 4-T-shirts with slogans promoting fairer working conditions.

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