First Dates: Finale [Ep.23]

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First Dates: Finale [Ep.23]

First Dates: Finale [Ep.23]
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First Dates: Finale [Ep.23]

by First Dates 5:37 mins

First Dates: Finale [Ep.23]

by First Dates 5:37 mins

In the latest episode of the Yahoo!/Funny or Die series, "First Dates", Toby is sharing a casual conversation about physics over fine wine and a delicious meal and hits it off with his dinner date, guest star Laurel Coppock. That is, until he references an older couple in the restaurant, joking that it could be them in the future. Suddenly, his date breaks out in tears and gives him some serious news that sends Toby reeling. Will Toby make this first date his last?

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