First Dates: Effort [Ep.17]

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First Dates: Effort [Ep.17]

First Dates: Effort [Ep.17]
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First Dates: Effort [Ep.17]

by First Dates 3:49 mins

First Dates: Effort [Ep.17]

by First Dates 3:49 mins

Sometimes expectation is everything. When Toby finds a taco truck with a five-star Yelp rating in his neighborhood to take his date to, he is sure that she will be impressed by his casual cool and relaxed attitude. However when she arrives dressed for a five-star restaurant, things don't go so well. The window for romance passes quickly as their conversation devolves into a debate around how much effort makes a date a ‘real date’ and they end up dining like dogs in the gutter.



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