First Dates: Family [Ep.14]

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First Dates: Family [Ep.14]

First Dates: Family [Ep.14]
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First Dates: Family [Ep.14]

by First Dates 4:30 mins

First Dates: Family [Ep.14]

by First Dates 4:30 mins

Yahoo! and Funny or Die’s comedy series “First Dates with Toby Harris” narrates Toby’s hilarious and always awkward dating escapades. In this episode, Toby’s psyched to have an intimate evening alone watching a movie with Morgan, but everything changes when her father opens the door. Shocked to learn she still lives at home, Toby finds his romantic plans sabotaged by her parents. Guest starring Alan Thicke and Mimi Kennedy, will Toby salvage his romantic plans or succumb to her family's game night.


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