Entertainment Review of 2012

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Entertainment Review of 2012

Entertainment Review of 2012
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Entertainment Review of 2012

by The A-List 3:00 mins

Entertainment Review of 2012

by The A-List 3:00 mins

A super-fast recap of all the biggest celebrity events of the year, from Beyonce's baby to Brangelina's engagement.

The Insider

  1. 1:07

    Lori Loughlin Celebrates 51st Birthday With ‘Full House’ Family

  2. 1:20

    Justin Bieber’s Adorable Siblings Sing ‘Baby’

  3. 1:13

    Kim Kardashian Stars in Strange Commercial for Hype Energy Drink

  4. 2:36

    Why Such a Quick Comeback to ‘The View’ for Sheri Shepherd?

  5. 2:22

    Charlie Puth on Writing With Meghan Trainor: ‘We Were Just Magically Connected’

  6. 1:23

    Justin Bieber and Look-Alike Ruby Rose, Together Again!

The Hollywood Reporter

  1. 2:38

    U.S. Gymnast Simone Biles: The Reward Could Be As Little As Five Seconds on the Podium, and That's What We Live For

  2. 2:28

    Michelle Beadle on Women Sportscasters: We're Not Just Sideline Reporters Anymore

  3. 1:27

    Box Office Report: July 24 - 26th

  4. 4:11

    Visual Eating at Barton G in Los Angeles: The Seth Abramovitch Show

  5. 0:47

    Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Pin Kendrick Lamar and Eminem as Greatest MCs Today

  6. 3:09

    Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Talk Continued Police Brutality 27 Years After “F— Tha Police”