Early monsoon brings hope among farmers

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Early monsoon brings hope among farmers

Early monsoon brings hope among farmers
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Early monsoon brings hope among farmers

by Ani 2:06 mins

Early monsoon brings hope among farmers

by Ani 2:06 mins

Ample annual monsoon rains have covered half of India bringing hope and cheer to millions of farmers who depend on the rains for their livelihood. India's monsoon rains are a week ahead of schedule, powering across two-thirds of the country. The rainfall is heavier than normal, but the weather office is sticking to its forecast of average rains during the entire four-month period. The monsoon has already covered Tamil Nadu, most parts of Karnataka and the southern part of Maharashtra, nearly three days in advance. The President of All India Areca Growers Association, Manchi Srinivas Achar said that ample rainfall would boost prospects of robust farm output.

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