Dyson Eyes 3,000 New Engineering Jobs with £250m Investment

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Dyson Eyes 3,000 New Engineering Jobs with £250m Investment

Dyson Eyes 3,000 New Engineering Jobs with £250m Investment
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Dyson Eyes 3,000 New Engineering Jobs with £250m Investment

by International Business Times 1:28 mins

Dyson Eyes 3,000 New Engineering Jobs with £250m Investment

by International Business Times 1:28 mins

British technology giant Dyson plans to create 3,000 new jobs for highly skilled engineers as the iconic company unveiled its plan to double the size of its research centre thanks to a whopping £250m investment. The business, which is best known for its stylish vacuum cleaners, explained that a new technology campus at its Malmesbury site in Wiltshire would include research and development laboratories split over four buildings in landscaped surroundings. The move would mean more space and more engineers, and will allow Dyson to increase research and development carried out at the centre and significantly increase partnerships with British universities – applying the research to create new technology to export. "I arrived in Wiltshire with four engineering graduates, now 1,000 more have joined us," said Sir James Dyson. "But to develop the advanced technology we need, 3,000 more highly skilled engineers and scientists are required. "We hope to create the space for them here in Malmesbury, but with a shortfall of 61,000 engineers every year in the UK, finding them is difficult." Dyson currently invests £3m in Research and Development each week, but this could double if the new campus goes ahead. Dyson has nearly tripled the number of engineers employed in Malmesbury in the past four years; converting former assembly lines into advanced R&D laboratories developing technologies such as the high speed Dyson digital motor. This year, Dyson is planning to recruit another 400 engineers. The plans, which are yet to be approved, will be on display on at Malmesbury Town Hall in February. Presented by Adam Justice

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