What You Don't Know About 'Biggest Loser'

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What You Don't Know About 'Biggest Loser'

What You Don't Know About 'Biggest Loser'
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What You Don't Know About 'Biggest Loser'

by Daily Shot 3:11 mins

What You Don't Know About 'Biggest Loser'

by Daily Shot 3:11 mins

"The Biggest Loser" is now in its 15th season, and host Alison Sweeney is as passionate as ever about inspiring people to live healthier lives. "Everyone relates to feeling unhappy with their weight," she says. "It's an ongoing battle. Even if you've beaten it, you're still dealing with it. Every day you have to make healthy decisions." Making healthy decisions can be challenging, especially if the smell of bacon is in the air on set. After craft services cooked up BLTs for the staff during one taping, Alison gave them a hard time for torturing the contestants. "It was brutal," she says. "Everybody could smell bacon." The host told the story so often that craft services started featuring healthier foods. "The producers were like, 'Ali can't go on telling people about that.'" In the end being a squeaky wheel helped get rid of the grease. As part of her continued efforts to promote healthy living, Alison partnered up with Arnold Bread for the Feed Your Better campaign and sweepstakes, which encourages participants to set their own personal goals and find their better selves. "There's tons of great information about healthy eating out there," she says, "and I love inspiring people to make healthy choices." To hear Alison talk about how she handles pressure to look flawless while being in the spotlight, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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