Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks

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Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks

Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks
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Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks

by Broken News Daily 2:15 mins

Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks

by Broken News Daily 2:15 mins

Barney, a Chocolate Labrador who lives in Surrey, England, ate something strange. It all started when Barney’s owner, Kim Woollard, took Barney to a pebbly beach, and the excited dog ran and jumped and played. The next day, Barney seemed sluggish, so Kim took him to the vet. Well it turns out Barney, who is known for eating weird things like laundry and tissues, ate 109 stones! He's ok...but man, 109 stones!

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