Debate: #UPSCFix - 2

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Debate: #UPSCFix - 2

Debate: #UPSCFix - 2
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Debate: #UPSCFix - 2

by TIMES NOW 27:37 mins

Debate: #UPSCFix - 2

by TIMES NOW 27:37 mins

The UPSC exam row generated heat in both Houses of Parliament Friday (August 1) with a member tearing a paper and throwing it towards the Speaker in Lok Sabha and almost the entire opposition staging a walkout in the Upper House as Government refused to set a time-line for resolving the issue. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Prakash Javadekar also came under sharp attack in Rajya Sabha from the Opposition which demanded an apology from him after he allegedly "instigated" members of the treasury benches to protest when the issue was raised. Opposition members created uproar over the issue in both Houses leading to adjournment of Rajya Sabha thrice before lunch. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said government has taken the ongoing agitation by UPSC aspirants on the issue very seriously and is studying all aspects. In the Lok Sabha, an agitated RJD member Rajesh Ranjan stormed the Well waving a newspaper while seeking a statement on the UPSC exam row and later tore the newspaper and threw it in the Well, with some landing on the Speaker's table. Admitting that the time sought by the Government has expired, the Minister pointed out that there were holidays in between and Government got only 4-5 days to look into it. Dissatisfied with the reply of the two Ministers, the entire opposition except AIADMK staged a walkout in Rajya Sabha. Opposition members were particularly agitated over the treatment meted out to the protesting students in Delhi at the hands of the police and attacked the government for lodging cases and use of force against them. Amid sharp exchanges between the opposition and treasury benches, the opposition members took strong exception to Javadekar gesturing the ruling party members to stand and retort at the opposition attack. Sitaram Yechury (CPI-M) demanded withdrawal of cases against the agitating students and demanded urgent resolution of the matter. Ashwani Kumar (Cong) said the House is being "misled" as Javadekar had earlier promised that a solution will be found soon, but the Minister for Personnel is citing holidays as the reason for government not being able to resolve the issue. Satish Misra (BSP) attacked the BJP over the issue saying they came to power with the yotuh votes and now police is committing atrocities on them and sought withdrawal of cases against the agitating students. Satyavrat Chaturvedi (Cong) said lakhs of students of regional languages are agitating against the UPSC giving weightage to a particular class of students. Sukhendu Sekhar Roy (TMC) also asked the government to stop the atrocities on agitating students. In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists -- Vani Tripathi Tikkoo, National Secretary, BJP; Dr. Ajay Alok, General Secy, JD (U); Salman Soz, Spokesperson, Congress; Subhash Gouda, UPSC, Aspirant; Mohandas Pai, Educationist; Naveen Chopra, Chairman, The Chopras, The Global Education Company; R K Misra, President, Navbharat Democratic Party; Smita Jha, UPSC, Aspirant -- discuss whether the government has taken the right stand by not giving in to the #UPSCFix street fight?

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