Daybreak Brings Calls For Peace In Ferguson

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Daybreak Brings Calls For Peace In Ferguson

Daybreak Brings Calls For Peace In Ferguson
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Daybreak Brings Calls For Peace In Ferguson

by Wochit 1:27 mins

Daybreak Brings Calls For Peace In Ferguson

by Wochit 1:27 mins

Even though rain was falling on a gray Sunday in Ferguson, the choir opening services at the Greater St. Mark Family Church repeated the reprise, "the sun is gonna shine" — as other residents outside spent the morning cleaning up debris after another night of unrest following the police-shooting death of Michael Brown more than a week before. One person was shot and seven were arrested overnight, police said, after a midnight curfew that was imposed to tamp nights of looting and rioting in the Missouri town. But the bullets and tear gas of the overnight hours were replaced by brooms and Bibles on Sunday morning, as many from the community and others who had been watching the turmoil from far away called for peace. National Action Network youth director, Mary-Pat Hector, just 16, traveled from Atlanta to address congregants of Greater St. Mark. Hector said the outbreak of violence was "taking away from the justice of Michael Brown," the 18-year-old shot and killed by a police officer on August 9. "I’m asking you to go to your communities, to go to your neighborhoods and say 'this is not the way to go.' We need to work together," she said.



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