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Weekly Roundtable

Weekly Roundtable
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Weekly Roundtable

by DailyTicker 5:15 mins

Weekly Roundtable

by DailyTicker 5:15 mins

The Daily Ticker's weekly roundtable


  1. 17:35

    China weighs on U.S. stocks, Netflix DVD business still thriving

  2. 4:33

    Airline profits soar, aided by fees

  3. 2:54

    Netflix's DVD operation fuels company expansion

  4. 3:04

    US stocks slip in midday trade; Chinese market drops

  5. 5:23

    N.J. Transit Board Goes 12 Years Without Dissent as Trains Crawl

  6. 4:42

    Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour will kill 6.6 million jobs: AAF


Market Movers

  1. 13:05

    Investors eye China, durable goods; Teva deal; Hollywood's new backer

  2. 1:58

    Hollywood's new investor: China

  3. 2:28

    Fiat Chrysler fined record $105M

  4. 2:15

    Teva-Allergan deal; Burger King beat; Facebook web move

  5. 1:47

    Companies pledge $140B to help reduce carbon emissions

  6. 2:45

    Millennials have a new suitor