50 Cent’s Best Friend Is His Grandmother

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50 Cent’s Best Friend Is His Grandmother

50 Cent’s Best Friend Is His Grandmother
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50 Cent’s Best Friend Is His Grandmother

by Daily Shot 4:12 mins

50 Cent’s Best Friend Is His Grandmother

by Daily Shot 4:12 mins

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is known for his catchy songs like, “In Da Club” and “Candy Shop,” which have landed him numerous awards and etched him in music’s history. He’s also notorious for his troubled past, growing up in a neighborhood plagued with drugs, crime and violence. The combination made him a perfect candidate for his new gig: mentoring troubled teens on Sundance Channel’s new series, “Dream School.” With 3 million kids dropping out of school every year, 50 says this program removes kids from troubled environments and “puts them in a position where it’s easier for them to focus" and “allows them to just be.” As a mentor to the kids, 50 has the chance to share his personal secrets to success. “The secret formula is developing a passion for something,” he says. “The same behaviors that got me in trouble in the beginning made me a success through music.” When he was able to channel his passions into something constructive, he got noticed. But he didn’t do it all alone. 50 credits his grandma, who raised him, as a role model, explaining that his grandparents did things “the straight way” even though they had nine children to take care of on limited finances. “She’s my best friend, still,” he says of his granny. “Now I take care of her. She took care of me all my life.” To hear the love advice 50 gets from his grandmother, check out this episode of Daily Shot, and watch "Dream School" Monday nights at 10pm on Sundance.

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