Dad's Awesome Reaction to Son's Math Grade

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Dad's Awesome Reaction to Son's Math Grade

Dad's Awesome Reaction to Son's Math Grade
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Dad's Awesome Reaction to Son's Math Grade

by Storyful 2:36 mins

Dad's Awesome Reaction to Son's Math Grade

by Storyful 2:36 mins

When Aria Shahrokhshahi got a much improved grade in math he knew one person would be particularly pleased: his dad, who helped him study. Aria, who is dyslexic, admits that "no one thought I was going to pass, not even my dad. But he stood by me, supported me in anything I wanted to do ." After his teacher told Aria the good news, he knew just what to do to surprise his father: "I played it cool and like I did something wrong." Lucky for us, he set up a secret camera to catch the heartwarming reaction. "My dad is the greatest man in my world … he his my hero." Credit:ariamark

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