Bride Gives Dying Father A Touching Gift

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Bride Gives Dying Father A Touching Gift

Bride Gives Dying Father A Touching Gift
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Bride Gives Dying Father A Touching Gift

by CBS Local 2:05 mins

Bride Gives Dying Father A Touching Gift

by CBS Local 2:05 mins

Lisa Wilson scrubbed her elaborate wedding plans so that her father could attend her nuptials. The wedding she had, inside a hospital room, is not one she imagined growing up. “No, it’s not a bride’s dream,” she said. The dream wedding became a bedside hospital wedding so that her dying father — who’s at UCI Medical Center in Orange — could attend. “I asked him, ‘I said daddy I want to do my father-daughter dance with you.’ He said, ‘I can’t dance and I said you don’t have to. I want to dance with your hands,'” Wilson said. Wilson and her fiancé Robert Pantoja picked up her ring and moved the big day up a week. The father-daughter dance was on. David Wilson, diagnosed with a rare cancer, gave his daughter away last Friday and gave his son-in-law something to think about. “He looked at me, he goes ‘Rob, you’re the lucky one. You won the lottery, you got my baby girl,'” said Pantoja. The dad and daughter got to share her special day and the dance as the song “I Will Always Love You,” played on. The couple’s wedding video meant for just the family is going viral. It’s been shared more than 30,000 times online.

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