A Curry So Hot You'll Hallucinate?

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A Curry So Hot You'll Hallucinate?

A Curry So Hot You'll Hallucinate?
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A Curry So Hot You'll Hallucinate?

by Broken News Daily 2:32 mins

A Curry So Hot You'll Hallucinate?

by Broken News Daily 2:32 mins

The Naga Infinity Chili is the world's second hottest pepper, but that didn't stop one restaurant in England from making a curry out of twenty of them. Bindi's "The Widower" curry is so hot that it is higher on the Scoville Scale for hotness than tear gas. It's also so hot that only one man on earth has been able to finish a full serving. And that guy wandered around town hallucinating for ten minutes halfway through his dish, before coming back to finally finish it. Well done, guy who ate hot stuff.

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