Creative Mom Makes Amazing Food Art

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Creative Mom Makes Amazing Food Art

Creative Mom Makes Amazing Food Art
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Creative Mom Makes Amazing Food Art

by Broken News Daily 2:20 mins

Creative Mom Makes Amazing Food Art

by Broken News Daily 2:20 mins

Samantha Lee is a stay-at-home mom in Malaysia who has over 200,000 followers on Instagram thanks to the whimsical food art she makes for her two daughters. Samantha started making the food art about four years ago in an effort to get her then two-year-old daughter to enjoy mealtime. So, Samantha started making food into characters. Now, she creates movie-themed plates, superheroes, even celebrities! We here at Broken News highly recommend following her on Instagram @leesamantha, and if you’d like to learn how to make some of her recipes, like her on Facebook or check out her blog Ok, now we're hungry.

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