Cops Ticket Festive Do-Gooder

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Cops Ticket Festive Do-Gooder

Cops Ticket Festive Do-Gooder
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Cops Ticket Festive Do-Gooder

by Broken News Daily 2:07 mins

Cops Ticket Festive Do-Gooder

by Broken News Daily 2:07 mins

David Hill covered his truck with 856 Christmas lights to help create buzz for a coat drive his charity ( is having. Who would have a problem with that? Well, the Witchita police for one. They've given Hill a $300 dollar ticket for the lights. The police claim that the extra vehicle lights are a hazard that can cause accidents. Hill isn't going to take the lights down, and claims he just wants to do good. "Ba Hum Bug." -The Witchita Police.

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