The Fuzz: Plan B [Ep. 14]

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The Fuzz: Plan B [Ep. 14]

The Fuzz: Plan B [Ep. 14]
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Community Episode 13: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television

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The Fuzz: Plan B [Ep. 14]

by The Fuzz 4:48 mins

The Fuzz: Plan B [Ep. 14]

by The Fuzz 4:48 mins

Jake holds Herbie hostage while Sanchez enters Melty’s Ice cream shop. Sanchez miraculously shoots Jake in the arm. Jake, Roxy, and Granny are arrested. Rainbow shoots Jake outside of the shop and drives away with Herbie’s wife and child. Sanchez and Herbie chase Rainbow to his home. They break in while Rainbow tries to escape with Heli the helicopter. Herbie is about to save his wife and son, however he realizes he fell victim to one of Rainbow’s traps. (Adult Themes)

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