Dexter: I Will Dismember You

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Dexter: I Will Dismember You

Dexter: I Will Dismember You
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Dexter: I Will Dismember You

by Sketchy 4:14 mins

Dexter: I Will Dismember You

by Sketchy 4:14 mins

"Dexter" joins "Sarah McLachlan" for a duet version of her classic in honor of his show coming to an end. Starring Tommy Fields, Nikki Boyer, Todd Rice, Brian Barrale, Jeff Abercrombie, Abby Posner, Lilo & Didi. Director: Ethan S. Smith, Andy Hurst. Writer: Smith. Producers: Corey Moss, Sam Kirkpatrick, Laura Dziamba. DP: Carissa Dorson. Editor: Philip Mangano. Song: Fields, Boyer. Prod. Design: Katie Crawford. HMU: Molly Greenwald. A Principato-Young Entertainment/Electus/CollegeHumor Production.

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