Has Ciudad Juarez found a solution to drug violence?

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Has Ciudad Juarez found a solution to drug violence?

Has Ciudad Juarez found a solution to drug violence?
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Has Ciudad Juarez found a solution to drug violence?

by AFP Videos 2:28 mins

Has Ciudad Juarez found a solution to drug violence?

by AFP Videos 2:28 mins

SCRIPT Until a couple of years ago Ciudad Juarez, on the Mexico-US border, had the highest murder rate in the world. But recently violence has fallen dramatically and the city seems to be returning to life as normal. Local businessmen like bar owner Javier are optimistic. SOUNDBITE 1, Javier Zarraguicoechea, (man) bar owner in Ciudad Juarez (Spanish, 28 sec) “We’re a group of young business owners betting on Ciudad Juarez, bringing new and better places here that clients deserve. You don’t have to go to the US to find a good place, we can have one here, a place with a great atmosphere” (In Spanish: "Somos un grupo de impresarios jóvenes que estamos apostando por Ciudad Juarez, traer lugares nuevos y mejores que el cliente se lo merezca. No es necesario ir a Estados Unidos a buscar un buen lugar. Aquí lo podemos tener, un lugar con buena ambiente".) At the height of violence in 2010, 3000 people were killed here in the war between the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, one of the world’s richest men, and the Juarez cartel. In 2012, only 750 died. And since January, just 33. The number of killings -- while still shocking -- is without doubt in decline. What’s in dispute are the reasons why. Many say the peace proves simply that El Chapo has won the war and his group’s control of drug trafficking here is no longer contested. The local authority says it’s proof their security policy has worked – more police, patrols day and night, and more people stopped and searched in the street. SOUNDBITE 2, Hector Murguia, (man) mayor of Ciudad Juarez (Spanish, 16 sec) “We can say clearly now, Ciudad Juarez is like Palermo, or Medellin, or New York, or Chicago. It took them ten years to reduce crime, and it took us two.” (In Spanish: "Hoy, podemos decirlo claramente. Ciudad Juarez es como Palermo, como Medellin, como Nueva York, como Chicago. Se tardaron 10 anos en bajar los indices delictivos lo que nos toma nosostros dos anos".) The murders and kidnappings are far from over though - and the drugs trade is very much alive Ciudad Juarez, facing El Paso across the border, continues to be a major crossing point for marijuana, cocaine, and synthetic drugs like methamphetamine. SOUNDBITE 3, Rosario Hermosillo, (woman) Ciudad Juarez resident (Spanish, 17 sec) “There aren’t so many deaths and shootings and all that. It’s not as bad as previous years, but I think it’s still carrying on, it won’t ever really end, it never will” (in Spanish: "No aparecen tantos muertos y tantos balaceras y tanto todo estos. Ya no es tanto como anos pasados pero yo digo que sigue un poco pero no se acaba y eso nunca va a se acabar") The new Mexican government plans to use Juarez as a model for its new policy on fighting drug crime. While the gangs may have stopped killing each other in such numbers here, in other cities like Acapulco, the fighting rages on. SHOTLIST CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO, 13-14 FEBRUARY 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of Javier Zarragoicochea arriving at his bar, Rudo -VAR of barman -Javier Zarragoicochea SOUNDBITE 1 -VAR of the centre of Ciudad Juarez -VAR of a municipal police patrol stopping and searching someone -VAR of the patrol -VAR of Hector Murgala, mayor of Ciudad Juarez SOUNDBITE 2 -VAR of the border crossing between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso SOUNDBITE 3 -VAR of the municipal police patrol

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