SandWITCHES To Die For

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SandWITCHES To Die For

SandWITCHES To Die For
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SandWITCHES To Die For

by Cinema & Spice 2:48 mins

SandWITCHES To Die For

by Cinema & Spice 2:48 mins

If you love magic, mysteries, and extraordinarily good-looking people, Witches of East End is going to be your favorite new show. Invite your friends over to watch the show and serve them up some unforgettable sandWITCHES! Try one of our delicious and unique Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, satisfy your sweet tooth with our Homemade Chipwitch Ice Cream Sandwiches, and top off the night with a Bewitching Tea Latte. These treats are so good, you’ll cast a spell on your friends! Click here for sandWITCHES recipe. Click here for bewitching tea latte recipe. Click here for chipWITCHES recipe.

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