Hogwarts Potion Necklaces

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Hogwarts Potion Necklaces

Hogwarts Potion Necklaces
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Hogwarts Potion Necklaces

by Cinema & Spice 1:15 mins

Hogwarts Potion Necklaces

by Cinema & Spice 1:15 mins

Try these whimsical treats inspired by one of the most mesmerizing film and book series to date, Harry Potter.  First, make our Magical Butterbeer cupcakes! Their fluffy and luxurious meringue frosting and Butterbeer centers are sure to surprise and delight your friends.  Next, don’t forget to make our Edible Wizard Wands...sweet, salty, and crunchy, what’s not to love?  Lastly, cast a spell on your friends with our Hogwarts Potion Necklaces.  Get ready for the most magical party you’ve ever hosted! Click here for the cupcake recipe. Click here for the necklaces craft list. Click here for the wizard wands recipe.

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