Chinese Takeover Rumors Now Swirl Around HTC

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Chinese Takeover Rumors Now Swirl Around HTC

Chinese Takeover Rumors Now Swirl Around HTC
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Chinese Takeover Rumors Now Swirl Around HTC

by Wochit 1:05 mins

Chinese Takeover Rumors Now Swirl Around HTC

by Wochit 1:05 mins

An extensive Bloomberg article examined the likelihood of HTC getting bought by ZTE, Huawei or Lenovo. According to recent speculation, Lenovo is now apparently expected to gobble up BlackBerry, Nokia and HTC, though perhaps not in that order. The gold version of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S has seemingly leaked again and this time it's being shown off alongside the classic black and white iPhone models. Chipmaker Semtech Corp said it expects lower demand from its largest smartphone customers and forecast current-quarter results well below market estimates. Smartphone keyboard fans could soon find what they're looking for if rumors of the LG Enact QWERTY slider for Verizon pan out. Alleged photos and rough details point to a 4-inch display, 5-megapixel rear camera, and a five-row QWERTY keyboard.

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