"Chill Seekers" Hunt Ghosts on WWII Ship

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"Chill Seekers" Hunt Ghosts on WWII Ship

"Chill Seekers" Hunt Ghosts on WWII Ship
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"Chill Seekers" Hunt Ghosts on WWII Ship

by Broken News Daily 2:48 mins

"Chill Seekers" Hunt Ghosts on WWII Ship

by Broken News Daily 2:48 mins

A group of amateur ghost hunters on YouTube claim they’ve found irrefutable proof of the existence of ghosts. In episode three of their ghost hunting web series, "The Chill Seekers” investigated claims of paranormal activity at the USS Hornet Museum, a former World War II aircraft carrier floating in the San Francisco Bay. Watch highlights of the 12 mintue video here, but make sure to check out the whole video at chillseekers.com for the full set of scares!

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