Chávez já conversou com familiares

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Chávez já conversou com familiares

Chávez já conversou com familiares
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Chávez já conversou com familiares

by AFP 0:41 mins

Chávez já conversou com familiares

by AFP 0:41 mins

Uma imagem rara na ilha comunista.Militares cubanos foram a templo católico nesta sexta-feira para rezar pela recuperação do presidente da Venezuela Hugo Chávez.O líder venezuelano passou por uma cirurgia esta semana em Havana para tratar um câncer. Pelo jeito as orações estão fazendo efeito. Segundo o ministério da comunicação da Venezuela, Chávez está se recuperando de forma satisfatória.SONORA - Ernesto Villegas - ministro da comunicação “A recuperação das condições gerais e vitais tem sido lenta mas progressiva. O presidente Chávez se comunicou com os familiares imediatos”. A previsão é que Hugo Chávez deve reassumir a presidência no dia 10 de janeiro. ---------------------------HAVANA, DEC 13, 2012, SOURCE: AFP- Venezuelan military personnel giving flowers before the beginning of the Mass for Venezuela President Hugo Chavez's recovery at the Jesus de Miramar Church- People arriving at Mass - A woman with a poster of Chavez arriving at Mass - People arriving at Mass - Military personnel going to Mass- People sitting down and waiting for the beginning of Mass- Spanish priest Gregorio Alvarez - A poster of Chavez placed in an altar at the church- Military hats and military personnel during the Mass - A poster of Simon Bolivar- A poster of Chavez- People participating in Mass - Spanish priest Gregorio Alvarez giving the Mass- Venezuela military personnel during Mass - A girl holding a flower- A poster of Chavez- People attending the Mass - A woman crying - VAR of Cuban military personnel - People attending the Mass///----------------------------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY:Venezuela-health-politics-Chavez,3rdlead-WRAP Chavez suffered 'complications' but recovering: aides by Anna Pelegri =(GRAPHIC+PICTURE+VIDEO)= ATTENTION - ADDS quotes, details /// CARACAS, Dec 14, 2012 (AFP) - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez experienced "complications," including bleeding, during his cancer surgery, but is showing positive signs of recovery, senior aides say. The health of the ailing leader, who has embodied the Latin American left for more than a decade and was re-elected in October, has been the subject of intense speculation since he was first diagnosed with cancer last year. During his latest treatment, 58-year-old Chavez suffered "bleeding that required the adoption of corrective measures," Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas said Thursday in a television and radio address. It was the first time Venezuelan officials had acknowledged complications in the six hours of surgery that Chavez underwent on Tuesday in Havana. Chavez is undergoing "a progressive and favorable recovery," Villegas told the nation, warning that this "requires a precautionary time" due to the "complexity of the operation and also because of complications that arose.""In the last hours the process of recovery has evolved from stable to favorable," Maduro said, describing it as one of "progressive recovery.""What does what is happening to the president have to do with the election?" said Capriles, 40, who is running for reelection as governor of Miranda, where Caracas is located. Maduro has repeatedly called on Venezuelans to vote for pro-Chavez candidates, and on Thursday said: "I swear by the loyalty and love for our comandante that we have to stand with those in government positions. "We will never betray the people of Venezuela," he said. Chavez supporters are expected to win in most of Venezuela's 23 states, but some in the opposition see his relapse as offering them a new opportunity. "There were people who were disappointed after the presidential election, but they woke up after Chavez's relapse, because now there is a new chance to reclaim the country," said Maria Reveron, a 39-year-old Capriles supporter. Messages of support for Chavez meanwhile poured in from leftist Latin American leaders. "For Chavez, our brother in the struggle, we reiterate all our affection and solidarity and wish that... he emerges stronger," Cuban President Raul Castro said in his first comments since Chavez landed in Cuba for surgery. The communist regime in Havana depends heavily on support from oil-rich Venezuela.END

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