The Insider

  1. 1:21

    Ryan Gosling Eats Bowl of Cereal to Honor Late Vine Star

  2. 1:10

    Justin Bieber Breaks the Rules at the 2015 Met Gala

  3. 2:03

    Inside Scoop on Met Gala Preparations

  4. 2:33

    Charlize Theron on ‘Mad Max,’ Activism, and Relationship with Sean Penn

  5. 2:14

    ‘Scandal’s’ Secrets Revealed

  6. 2:42

    The Grooming of a Modern Princess

Entertainment Tonight

  1. 1:11

    Kevin Bacon's Bloated Face Is Unrecognizable -- See the Pic!

  2. 1:33

    Ryan Gosling Eats His Cereal in Touching Tribute to Meme Creator

  3. 3:31

    Britney Spears Explains Her Nasty Onstage Fall: 'It Was Really Kind of Embarrassing'

  4. 1:39

    Sarah Jessica Parker Rocks Giant, Flaming Headpiece at the 2015 Met Gala

  5. 1:08

    Ellen Albertini Dow, ‘The Wedding Singer’ Rapping Grandmother, Dies at 101

  6. 1:04

    ‘Vanity Fair’ Gives Fans a Glimpse of Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong’o