Hollywood Reacts to Robin Williams's Passing

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Hollywood Reacts to Robin Williams's Passing

Hollywood Reacts to Robin Williams's Passing
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Hollywood Reacts to Robin Williams's Passing

by The Insider 3:39 mins

Hollywood Reacts to Robin Williams's Passing

by The Insider 3:39 mins

Hollywood's biggest stars took to both social media and video interviews to grieve and pay their respects after the unexpected death of Robin Williams on Monday. At the red carpet premiere of "The Expendables 3," Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, and Mel Gibson all expressed heartfelt sorrow at the loss of the legend. Mel said, "The first thing that struck me about him was he had a great heart and was very compassionate, but he was a wiseass you know." On Twitter, news of his death generated about 9 mil


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