Inside Sydney's Eveleigh Market

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Inside Sydney's Eveleigh Market

Inside Sydney's Eveleigh Market
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Inside Sydney's Eveleigh Market

by CBSTV Videos 1:54 mins

Inside Sydney's Eveleigh Market

by CBSTV Videos 1:54 mins

Food & Wine Editor-In-Chief Dana Cowin meets two remarkable women chefs who cook at Sydney's dazzling Eveleigh Farmers' Market every Saturday. Among the 70 stalls, chef, cookbook author and TV star Kylie Kwong marries her Chinese roots with organic, native ingredients to make pork buns and unusual dishes like roasted mealworms. Hawking more traditional comfort food, chef Alex Herbert grills signature "Crooked Madames," her take on France's rich, fried egg-and-ham sandwich Croque Madame — with the very Australian addition of barbecue sauce.

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