Cat Loses Weight By "Riding" Bicycle

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Cat Loses Weight By "Riding" Bicycle

Cat Loses Weight By "Riding" Bicycle
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Cat Loses Weight By "Riding" Bicycle

by Broken News Daily 1:50 mins

Cat Loses Weight By "Riding" Bicycle

by Broken News Daily 1:50 mins

Meet Morda, a Russian cat that’s learned to burn fat by bicycling. Well, not really bicycling, but clinging for dear life on his owner’s back while he rides a bike. Morda and his owner, Vladimir Ilivanov, live in Central Russia, and they’ve been cycling together for six years. So far this spring, Morda has already lost 4.5 pounds, and he’s looking to get even more trim. He and Vladimir are training for a marathon in Siberia later this year.

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