Cannes presents: "A Castle in Italy" by V. Bruni Tedeschi

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Cannes presents: "A Castle in Italy" by V. Bruni Tedeschi

Cannes presents: "A Castle in Italy" by V. Bruni Tedeschi
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Cannes presents: "A Castle in Italy" by V. Bruni Tedeschi

by AFP Videos 0:57 mins

Cannes presents: "A Castle in Italy" by V. Bruni Tedeschi

by AFP Videos 0:57 mins

SHOTLIST CANNES, France, 21 May 2013 SOURCE: AFPTV-E. Le Maou SOUNDBITE 1, Louis Garrel, Actor (French, 24 sec): "There's a deceptive side to him, because he comes across as rather seductive, charming and melancholy, and actually he's like a small child who has tantrums all the he was fun to play and at the same time a bit of a pain because I could see that he was actually unbearable, with these capricious mood swings -- and Valeria was nice to me, but in the way you might be nice to a little boy who's having a temper tantrum. Filming was sometimes a bit annoying!" ["Il y a un côté un peu arnaqueur parce qu'il se présente comme un type un peu séduisant, charmant et mélancolique, et en fait il est comme un enfant capricieux qui fait des colères tout le temps, alors c'était à la fois agréable à jouer et en même temps assez chiant car je voyais bien qu'il était insupportable en fait, avec ces espèces de caprices tout le temps, et Valeria elle était gentille avec moi, mais un peu gentille comme on est gentil avec un espèce de petit garçon qui fait des colères comme ça. C'était agaçant le tournage parfois ! (rires)".] SOUNDBITE 2, Marisa Borini, Actress (French, 25 sec): "I treated this as just a job, because if I'd let myself get carried away by pathos and emotion then I wouldn't have been able to film it. So when Valeria told me to cry, I cried; when she told me to laugh, I laughed; when she said 'dance', I danced, and yes it's true it was a great mess." ["Moi j'ai pris cet engagement uniquement comme un travail, parce que si je m'étais laissée emportée par le pathos et les émotions, je n'aurai pas pu le tourner, donc quand Valéria me disait pleure, je pleure, quand elle me dit rigole je rigole, quand elle dit danse, je danse, et voilà, et c'est un grand bordel, c'est vrai".] -GVs from press conference ---------------------------------------- AFP TEXT STORY Entertainment-film-festival-Cannes-France-Italy-women France's Bruni gets personal at Cannes by Deborah COLE =(PICTURE+VIDEO)= CANNES, France, May 21, 2013 (AFP) - Franco-Italian director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi relived a painful chapter of her family history in a film presented at Cannes Tuesday in which she cast her real-life mother and ex-lover. Bruni Tedeschi, the elder sister of France's former First Lady Carla Bruni, said her work on "A Castle in Italy" (Un Chateau en Italie) helped heal old wounds. "For me work is a form of therapy," she told reporters. "I sleep better when I have the impression I've worked well during the day." She recast actual events, including her own brother Virginio's AIDS death in 2006 and her relationship with co-star Louis Garrel, with often absurdist takes on them on screen. "When I'm working on a different planet like this, it's like being in a carnival," she said. "Everything is back to front, upside down. In that sense it is like therapy, it helps me to enjoy life more." Bruni Tedeschi plays Louise, the 40-something retired actress and heiress to a Franco-Italian industrialist family that can no longer afford the upkeep on its elegant manor home in the Italian countryside and sets up in Paris. The director's own wealthy family left Italy for France in the 1970s, fearing attacks by far-left radicals. Once in Paris, Louise begins dating Nathan (Garrel), a man almost 20 years her junior who she hopes can give her a child. Meanwhile her ailing brother and elderly mother cling to the family castle and their collection of Old Masters' paintings even as an accountant tells them they will have to make some major sacrifices to pay off an unexpected tax bill. Bruni Tedeschi said she chose her mother, Marisa Borini, an actress and concert soloist who also plays piano in the film, for the part but was careful as they relived their grief for Virginio. "I chose my mother to be in the film because she's a wonderful actress. Perhaps I make her work even harder than the other actors. Sometimes I'm more strict with her, I like being very strict with my mother," she said. "I always thought a lot of work would help her to act in this film without feeling too much pain and suffering. The idea was to protect her, I think work protects us from what might be a psychodrama." Borini said in notes for the film that "making a movie changes absolutely nothing" in terms of the pain of losing a son. But she said at the same time that it was important for the family itself to tell its own story, rather than "someone else going to our family cemetery". Bruni Tedeschi, the only female director in competition at Cannes this year, dedicated the film to Virginio. But despite feverish speculation in France before the premiere, Carla Bruni is not depicted in the film. "A Castle in Italy" is one of 20 films in the running for the Palme d'Or top prize to be awarded Sunday by jury president Steven Spielberg. dlc/ri/rm

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