'The Butler' Tops Box Office With $16.5 Million

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'The Butler' Tops Box Office With $16.5 Million

'The Butler' Tops Box Office With $16.5 Million
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'The Butler' Tops Box Office With $16.5 Million

by Wochit 0:54 mins

'The Butler' Tops Box Office With $16.5 Million

by Wochit 0:54 mins

Lee Daniels "The Butler," which stars Forest Whitaker as a long-serving White House butler, earned $16.5 million to lead all films for the second weekend in a row. Diana, the biopic based on Kate Snell's book about the Princess of Wales and her lover, Dr. Hasnat Khan, is due to open internationally on September 5th. The US release date for the film, starring Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews, is currently slated for November 1st. There were plenty of memorable highlights, both bad and good, from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But there were also some random moments that are worth mentioning, like Rihanna making a mess of some popcorn or Harry Styles promoting a healthy diet eating an orange

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