How Bruno Mars's Sisters Tortured Him

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How Bruno Mars's Sisters Tortured Him

How Bruno Mars's Sisters Tortured Him
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How Bruno Mars's Sisters Tortured Him

by Daily Shot 4:09 mins

How Bruno Mars's Sisters Tortured Him

by Daily Shot 4:09 mins

"Lylas" might stand for "love ya like a sister," but that doesn't mean the ladies of the band don't partake in a little sibling rivalry. "That's the first name we've ever agreed on," Presley Hernandez says. And with a female-dominated household, there was bound to be a little sibling conflict while everyone was growing up. "Me and Bruno got into a fight one time over Maury Povich, so I grabbed a hairbrush ... and I didn't mean to hit him, I just meant to scare him," Tiara Hernandez admits. "But I whipped it at him right at the nose. It started to bleed, and I was like 'Oh, I'm in trouble.'" Now that the siblings are older, they're more protective of each other. "He says, 'Don't date anybody ever!'" Presley says about her brother's love advice. But it goes both ways. "You have to impress all four of us if you're going to date Bruno," Tiara says. Those looking to check out the Lylas' music won't have to wait very long. "You'll see us recording different songs, and as it airs on the show, we're going to be releasing singles," Jaime says. "So by the end of the season, it will be an EP." To find out which of the ladies has an embarrassing middle name, check out this episode of "Daily Shot," and watch the premiere of "The Lylas" tonight at 9 ET/8 CT on WE tv.

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