Wild Seal Joins Surfers

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Wild Seal Joins Surfers

Wild Seal Joins Surfers
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Wild Seal Joins Surfers

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

Wild Seal Joins Surfers

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders were surfing off the coast of Northumberland, when all of a sudden they were joined by a third party...a baby seal. Matt says, "We had been in for about 45 minutes when the seal came along. I've seen them there before but they are usually far away. This one nudged Andrew's foot in the water and started getting curious." While the seal couldn’t stay on the board, that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to keep playing with its new gnarly bros. The little guy would body surf the waves every time one of the surfers would catch one. Check out the full seal surfing encounter here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dHeM6gGv8k

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