The Weirdest Exercise Video of 2014

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The Weirdest Exercise Video of 2014

The Weirdest Exercise Video of 2014
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The Weirdest Exercise Video of 2014

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

The Weirdest Exercise Video of 2014

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

A delivery company in Japan has released its own exercise DVD, and I think we can officially say that this is the weirdest exercise video of 2014. The exercise DVD is titled “Dance With Sagawa Boys” and was released by the Japanese delivery company Sagawa Express. It features deliverymen in front of delivery trucks dancing to what sounds like the Japanese version of Sum 41. The DVD, which let's be honest, is just a commercial for Sagawa Express, is on sale for $30. Even stranger, people are actually buying it! As of this taping, The Sagawa Boys are #1 in the fitness DVD category on Amazon Japan. What's your favorite weird fitness video of all-time?

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