Thimble The Piano-Playing Pig

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Thimble The Piano-Playing Pig

Thimble The Piano-Playing Pig
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Thimble The Piano-Playing Pig

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

Thimble The Piano-Playing Pig

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

Let's meet Thimble, the piano playing pig, But remember, piano playing, in this case is a little subjective. Thimble is a 6-year-old micro pig from Florida that lives with her owner, dog trainer Kelly Blackwell. So how did Thimble start playing the piano? Kelly says, “'My friend was having a charity event so that's when I decided to try to teach Thimble to play the piano, I bought her a small child's keyboard to practice on and she loved it, so I then bought her a child's electric piano.” Thimble’s music is not great, but watching her play it in costume is so cute that she’s accumulated thousands of fans through her YouTube and Facebook pages. Go Thimble!

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