Real Life Toy Story Tale Goes Viral

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Real Life Toy Story Tale Goes Viral

Real Life Toy Story Tale Goes Viral
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Real Life Toy Story Tale Goes Viral

by Broken News Daily 1:58 mins

Real Life Toy Story Tale Goes Viral

by Broken News Daily 1:58 mins

Bev McNeill was driving home along the M4 highway in England when she saw a doll version of Toy Story’s Woody covered in mud along the side of the road. At the time she was driving too fast to stop and get the doll, but 7 weeks later, Bev was stuck in traffic at the same spot and hopped out to grab the doll. This Woody doll is dirty and missing an arm, but overall in pretty good condition. Unlike the movie, though, the name written on Woody’s foot is Liam, not Andy. To reunite Liam and Woody, Bev, along wit

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