Lottery Winner Forced to Split Jackpot

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Lottery Winner Forced to Split Jackpot

Lottery Winner Forced to Split Jackpot
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Lottery Winner Forced to Split Jackpot

by Broken News Daily 2:02 mins

Lottery Winner Forced to Split Jackpot

by Broken News Daily 2:02 mins

A waiter has been awarded half of his boss’ lottery winnings after his strange premonition came true. A judge in England has ruled that Hayati Kucukkoylu, the owner of a Turkish restaurant in York, England owes one of his employees, Fatih Ozcan, a total of $857,000. Hayati Kucukkoylu bought a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $1.7 million dollars because Fatih, a waiter at the restaurant Hayati owns, had a dream where they won the lottery together.

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