Orphan Hippo Befriends Dogs

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Orphan Hippo Befriends Dogs

Orphan Hippo Befriends Dogs
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Orphan Hippo Befriends Dogs

by Broken News Daily 1:43 mins

Orphan Hippo Befriends Dogs

by Broken News Daily 1:43 mins

In May 2013, a two-week-old hippo was found nearly dead in Zambia. Now, a year later, that hippo’s all grown up and is being released back into the wild. This great recovery story was made possible, in part, due to a friendship with two dogs. Douglas, the orphan hippo, arrived in pretty bad shape at the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust, a nonprofit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. While at CWET, Douglas met his best friends, two Jack Russell terriers, Molly and Coco. Give it up for unlikely animal friendship!

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