Meet Leon Trotsky, The Wheelchair Pig

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Meet Leon Trotsky, The Wheelchair Pig

Meet Leon Trotsky, The Wheelchair Pig
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Meet Leon Trotsky, The Wheelchair Pig

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

Meet Leon Trotsky, The Wheelchair Pig

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

Leon Trotsky is a three-week-old Australian piglet. He's cute. However, Leon Trotsky’s legs were injured in an accident, when his mother fell on him. Unfortunately, right now Leon Trotsky’s bones are too small for surgery and he’s still too small for already-available carts to take the pressure of his injured legs. So, vets have fashioned him a tiny little pig wheelchair, and look at him go! Donate to Leon's rehabilitation efforts here:

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