Mayflies Invade The Midwest

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Mayflies Invade The Midwest

Mayflies Invade The Midwest
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Mayflies Invade The Midwest

by Broken News Daily 2:02 mins

Mayflies Invade The Midwest

by Broken News Daily 2:02 mins

A massive swarm of insects wreaked havoc on the Mississippi river valley, and it wasn't pretty. The swarm of mating Mayflies was actually so thick that it was caught on weather radar, and caused a minor traffic accident. It all started when billions of Mayflies emerged from the Mississippi river to mate. The swarm stretched well over 100 miles -- from Red Wing, Minnesota to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Swarms of mayflies appear to mate a few times every summer, but this was the first hatch of the year, and was so intense that the National Weather service picked it up on its radar, where it looked similar to a minor rainstorm. Got any crazy insect stories? Let us know by tweeting the hashtag MayflyMadness.

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