Little Girl's Sinister List Goes Viral

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Little Girl's Sinister List Goes Viral

Little Girl's Sinister List Goes Viral
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Little Girl's Sinister List Goes Viral

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

Little Girl's Sinister List Goes Viral

by Broken News Daily 1:55 mins

A little girl’s sinister list of what she’s going to do to her older brother’s stuff when he’s "gone" is going viral. The list was originally posted to Reddit with the title, “My daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother,” but for those of you worried for the brother -- don't be -- their mother is assuring everyone that the list is a joke. Yes, believe it or not, many humorless readers and purveyors of the internet lashed out at this when it first surfaced, citing "poor parenting" leading to the young girl's wish list. However, now that we know it was meant in good fun, let's all enjoy this sibling rivalry for what it actually is: totally normal.

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