The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot

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The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot

The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot
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The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot

by Broken News Daily 1:52 mins

The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot

by Broken News Daily 1:52 mins

When 23-year-old Joseph Pleban found out he had to have his left foot amputated, he decided to say goodbye in an unorthodox way. He created a hilarious Facebook page and photo album called “The Last Adventures Of Joe’s Left Foot.” Back in 2008, Joe learned that he had PVNS in his left ankle. PVNS is a rare disorder that causes painful benign tumors and degenerative arthritis on connective tissue. After six years and two rounds of unsuccessful surgeries, Joe opted to have his ankle removed. As a way of coping with losing his left foot and ankle, Joe decided to document the last days of his foot with pictures and humorous adventures. You can check out Joe's Facebook page here:

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