Giant Caterpillar Web Takes Over Backyard

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Giant Caterpillar Web Takes Over Backyard

Giant Caterpillar Web Takes Over Backyard
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Giant Caterpillar Web Takes Over Backyard

by Broken News Daily 1:46 mins

Giant Caterpillar Web Takes Over Backyard

by Broken News Daily 1:46 mins

In 2011, John and Jackie Morris made headlines in their village of Golcar, England when a large part of their garden was swallowed up by a mysterious and giant web. They soon became the talk of the town. Now, three years later, the giant caterpillar web is back! And it was these same Cotoneaster caterpillars, who create these webs to protect their larvae. What makes all of this even more unusual is the fact that caterpillars rarely, if ever, lay eggs in the same place twice. Well, we guess the Morris family is just that lucky!

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