Fort Ruler: Best Job In The World?

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Fort Ruler: Best Job In The World?

Fort Ruler: Best Job In The World?
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Fort Ruler: Best Job In The World?

by Broken News Daily 1:51 mins

Fort Ruler: Best Job In The World?

by Broken News Daily 1:51 mins

A hospitality company is looking for applicants for the job of Fort Ruler at No Man’s Land fort in the middle of the sea. Located between the Isle of Wight and the English coast, No Man’s Land fort was originally built in 1867 to guard against a French Invasion. The fort was decommissioned in 1957, and has since served as a private residence, and a luxury hotel. Now, the 60-foot tall, 200-foot long island that sits a mile out to sea is being renovated to become a luxury hotel built for a super villain, or a corporate retreat. Want to manage an old fort in the middle of nowhere? Apply for the job here:

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