Entire Town On Sale For $400,000

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Entire Town On Sale For $400,000

Entire Town On Sale For $400,000
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Entire Town On Sale For $400,000

by Broken News Daily 1:47 mins

Entire Town On Sale For $400,000

by Broken News Daily 1:47 mins

You read that headline correctly. For the low low price of $400,000 you can own the entire town of Swett, South Dakota. The town consists of 6.16 acres of land, three trailers, a workshop, one house, and the Swett Tavern, the only bar in a ten-mile radius. That’s right. we said one house. The unincorporated town of Swett has a population of 3. Well, two people and a Rottweiler named Daisy. So, who's ready to bid?!

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