KFC Invents Keyboard Food Tray

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KFC Invents Keyboard Food Tray

KFC Invents Keyboard Food Tray
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KFC Invents Keyboard Food Tray

by Broken News Daily 1:49 mins

KFC Invents Keyboard Food Tray

by Broken News Daily 1:49 mins

The Tray Typer is a durable paper tray thatâ??s also a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. So all you do is pair it with your smartphone, and you can text, tweet, and status update without getting your phone all greasy! KFC in Germany introduced the Tray Typer as an ad campaign, and handed it out at openings of new KFC locations. Unfortunately, the campaign is over, and at this point, KFC has no plans of rolling out the Tray Typer at other locations, yet, but that doesn't stop it from being pretty cool!

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