Wild Brawl Erupts at College Baseball Game

A bench-clearing baseball brawl between Sacramento State and the University of California, Riverside on Friday resulted in ejections and stunned reactions from fans who witnessed the melee.

Sacramento's KCRA-3 interviewed fans and coaches who were there. The brawl began when a Riverside player was caught in a rundown between second and third base. After being tagged out, he punched the Sacramento State fielder, knocking his glasses off. The benches cleared and chaos ensued.

"I was just shocked," said one fan who saw the punch and ensuing brawl. Riverside coach Doug Smith said that he hadn't seen such "serious swinging" in six or eight years. Even a parent of one of the players involved in the fight admitted that he'd "never seen anything like it in all the years I've been watching baseball."

Not everybody was outraged, though. On Twitter, folks chimed in with their positive feedback. @DuranSports gave props to the fight, calling it a “legit baseball brawl.” @BillShaikin wrote, “Never too early for the first baseball brawl of the season.” And @anthonyVslater tweeted: “Who said college baseball wasn’t interesting.”

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