Upstate Dad Returns Home From Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant Christopher Page wasn't supposed to return home from Afghanistan until May. At least that's what his two sons thought. Sgt. Page surprised his boys, Hunter and Chandler, by stopping by their schools and greeting them in front of their classmates. The emotional reunions were recorded by NBC-4 in Greenville, South Carolina.

In the first reunion, Page's son Hunter stands in a school assembly, preparing to be honored for his work with the ROTC program. Just as he's about to receive his medal, his father appears behind him. They hug and Hunter quickly breaks down in tears. In the second reunion, Sgt. Page travels to his younger son Chandler's school. After that hug is over and the applause dies down, Sgt. Page looks at his son and says, "You know you have to go back to class now, right?"

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